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I run Morning General yoga classes and Afternoon Restorative sessions.

These classes are 60mins and are available as part of a pass

(or you can drop in for £7 per session).

Beginners classes (starting Feb 2022)

run for 60mins on Monday evenings, 6.30pm 


All classes are taught live on Zoom.

Image by Dawid Zawiła


Start the day with a positive mindset

The Morning classes take place every weekday at 9am. 

Mornings can be a struggle for many of us, and this focused practice helps blow away the grogginess and align the Body, Mind, Senses, Breath, and Prana. 

Feel energised, positive, and ready to confront the day with our daily morning classes. 

Ideal for beginners and more experienced.

Mon-Fri, 8am*

60 minutes

£7 drop-in or buy a Monthly Pass



Developing the roots for practice

You might not feel ready to join an established class, so this 10 week course provides a sold foundation with which to develop your practice. 

Learn from the comfort and security of home, and build a physical and mental understanding of the basic poses.


Ideal for people with injuries or health conditions (please disclose these before you begin the course).


£120 for 10 weeks 

Image by おにぎり
Weekend Workshops
Image by Polina Kuzovkova

Afternoon Restorative

Restorative Yoga is an excellent practice at any time of the day, but is particularly helpful at the end of the working day.  

This super-gentle practice allows us to let go of tension and anxiety while rejuvenating our energy.

We use of bolsters, blocks, and blankets to help create a comfortable, supportive, and warm environment in which to let go and relax. 

This is guilt-free relaxation with a profound energetic return.


Total bliss. 

Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm.

Image by Joshua Earle
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