I run Morning classes, Afternoon Pranayama sessions, and weekend Back-2-Basics workshops. 


All classes are taught live on Zoom.

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Start the day with a positive mindset

The Morning classes take place every weekday at 9am. 

Mornings can be a struggle for many of us, and this focused practice helps blow away the grogginess and align the Body, Mind, Senses, Breath, and Prana. 

Feel energised, positive, and ready to confront the day with our daily morning classes. 

Ideal for beginners and more experienced.

Mon-Fri, 9am

60 minutes

£6 drop-in or buy a Monthly Pass


Afternoon Pranayama

Leave your stressful day behind

Pranayama is the yogic art of breathing. It's the practice of engaging with the breath on a deeper level and recognising how breath equates to energy (or prana). Learn to become attentive to the mechanics of the breath for a deep sense of calm and tranquillity.

Afternoon pranayama is the perfect antidote to a stressful day; helping you prepare for a positive, energised evening and better sleep.

We focus principally on the various stages of Ujjayi, Viloma, and Bhramari to create a sense of energetic well-being. This practice is ideal for beginners and the experienced.

5pm - Mondays and Wednesdays

60 minutes

£6 drop-in

or buy a Monthly Pass

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Weekend Workshops

Get Back-2-Basics with our weekend workshops

Our Back-2-Basics workshops are all about relearning the asanas we often take for granted; learning techniques that introduce energetic lightness into the core of the pose. 

A perfect introduction for beginners and a fascinating insight for experienced practitioners, our weekend workshops aim to get to the root of your practice through easy-to-follow techniques. 

Recognise how asanas connect and breathe new life into old poses.



Fortnightly. 12-2pm.

£10 (in advance)

2 hours



September workshops:


Saturday 12th Sept - 

Tadasana's influence on EVERYTHING



Saturday 26th Sept - 

Open your chest; open your energy



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