InIndividual Drop-Ins are £6

Afternoon Pranayama is our monthly pass for all 5pm classes

Unlimited is our monthly pass for all Morning and Afternoon classes

Sharer is for people with no/low income. Please share one social media post each week about the classes to help spread the word. 

If you're planning to do two or more classes a week, you'll save money by buying a pass (over buying Drop-In passes)

Pricing& Plans

A Price For Everyone

Individual Drop-In classes are £6

or you can choose a Monthly Pass. If you're planning on attending two or more classes a week, passes will save you money.

If you're new to Mike's Yoga Podcast Live Classes, then try our 10-Day Challenge for a special, introductory price.

The podcast content will always remain free. 


Unlimited Access to 9am & 5pm sessions

for 1 month


(£1.50 per session)

Please pay by BACS


Unlimited Access to 5pm sessions

for 1 month


(£3.13 per session)

Please pay by BACS


Unlimited Access to 9am and 5pm sessions

for 1 week

Please share a post about the class on social media each week


(for unwaged only)

Please pay by BACS


Individual Drop-In sessions for any class


(Pay by PayPal)


Please pay for monthly passes via BACS.


Click the button to send an email requesting details.

(If you'd rather pay weekly by BACS, divide your pass by 4 and pay weekly).

10-DAy challenge

Unlimited Access to weekday sessions for 2 weeks. 

(Available for newbies to Mike's live classes)





Weekend Workshops

Advanced Booking required

(you'll receive an email with the Zoom link) 

(Zoom link different link to weekday classes)


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