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Cooking Master Boy Tagalog Version Full Movie >>> DOWNLOAD

Cooking Master Boy Tagalog Version Full Movie >>> DOWNLOAD

Chen Te-fu Category:Chinese television series 17:47 Category:Chinese medical television seriesHundreds of police officers armed with batons and shields lined the streets leading into Manila's Rizal Park on Saturday to ward off protesters demanding the resignation of President Benigno Aquino III. Sporadic fights broke out between riot policemen and protesters, who were hurling rocks at each other from different directions. The protesters, some of whom were covered in bandages from previous clashes, said they were outraged by the government's latest proposal to amend the 1987 constitution and empower the executive to change the 1987 Constitution. They said they want Aquino to step down. "We want this government to be finished," said one protester who identified himself only as Richard, adding that they were "hurt by the police." Aquino's government and the House of Representatives have been mired in a fierce debate over a bill that seeks to amend the 1987 Constitution and create a so-called "Congress of the Constitution," which would function as a constitutional amending body. Last week, thousands of protesters took to the streets and clashed with police in the capital Manila, with some of them drawing blood. About 60 people were arrested in the unrest. In a speech earlier in the week, Aquino warned that a failure to address the proposed amendment "will spell the end of the republic." The government, he added, will "be the first to topple this Republic of ours if that happens." Activists and politicians have also staged demonstrations in various cities across the country. The protesters have argued that the proposed constitutional change would take away the people's "democratic rights." They point out that under the current constitution, the amendments to the 1987 Constitution can only be made with the approval of a majority of the members of Congress. The Constitution currently defines a constitutional amendment as a constitutional revision that is signed into law. They also fear that the planned constitutional change could create a "feudalistic" system in which Congress, instead of the people, will decide on the rules and regulations governing the country. The opposition has also raised questions about the government's move to amend the Constitution, saying it is being used to remain in power despite losing the presidential and parliamentary elections last May. The proposed amendments have been sent to the constitutional commission, which will be tasked with drafting an enabling law. However, the House of Representatives has



Cooking Master Boy Tagalog Version Full Movie !EXCLUSIVE!

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