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Restorative Yoga



Restorative Yoga is an excellent practice at any time of the day, but has extra resonance for those who suffer from sleeplessness and insomnia. 


Restorative Yoga is a gentle practice that allows us to let go of the tensions of the day and rejuvenate our energy.


Practiced in the morning, Restorative Yoga allows us to gently awaken; gathering your energy and focusing your mind for your working day. 


Restorative Yoga for Sleep is a specific collection of positions chosen for their calming properties, along with a range of visualisations and meditations that slow and clear the mind, in preparation for sound sleep.    

Image by Ahmed Nishaath

How to create a bolster from blankets


Restorative Yoga for Sleep requires bolsters and blankets, as well as a combination of other pieces. 

The video shows you how to create your own bolster from blankets, and provides insight into how to prepare your space for maximum immersion into the practice. 


Restorative Yoga is a slow, gentle practice that focuses on restfulness; using props (like bolsters and blankets) to help us reach a state of deep relaxation. 

Restorative Yoga uses sequences of restful poses to reset your energy, quieten the mind, and gently rejuvenate your mindset.

Although the practice is gentle, the effects on the body and mind are profound. If you're feeling stressed, this is one of the best ways to let go of the exhausting tension associated with stress disorders.  

The video is an example of a full 60-minute general Restorative Yoga class. Restorative Yoga for Sleep classes are 30 minutes in duration and make use of sequences that encourage serenity and stillness; perfect for aiding healthy sleep. 

Example 60-minute general Restorative Yoga class

Image by Javardh


Each week, I upload a new video for you to follow each night; play it whenever you want to prepare yourself for sleep. 

A weekly pass is £10 and gives you access to the weekly video and the archive of past videos if you want to vary your practice. 

If you can, BACS payment is preferred. Please email me for BACS details. If you'd rather pay by Paypal, click on the button below. 

As soon as your payment has been received, you'll get an email with the week's password.

Bought a pass? Let's go.

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